Metal Gear… Survive?

It’s been a crazy week, with several news from Gamescom. I wished to be able to post here as soon as the news were out, but it’s been a crazy week for myself as well. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

One of the most… Shocking, must I say? News we got from this week Gamescom was the introduction of a new installment to the Metal Gear franchise, which is Metal Gear Survive

Now, you’d say something like “But Kojima is not involved, this game will suck”, and that’s what I also said as well. But Konami was one step ahead and knew we were going to say that!

So what they did was to start the game from the end of MGSV: Ground Zeroes. You are a normal soldier and are sucked from the flaming Mother Base by a…. UFO? Afterwards you wake up, with no clue of where you are now, and suddenly several zombies appear and you are helped by… Other Big Boss’ soldiers?

It’s a pretty confusing trailer actually. I mean, the idea is pretty recycled up to now. No, it’s not bad, it’s just that it’s been used up so many times already. And maybe this could have worked if they called something else, maybe the could even have started a new franchise from there.

But no… They had to use the Metal Gear name on it. The backlash is really evident now (Just Google “Metal Gear Survive” and you are going to notice all the rants and negative reviews.)

My verdict? It looks like a good game, if it’s executed correctly, and if the direction goes towards the new mechanics. But it’s a terrible Metal Gear game. Nothing has been confirmed, but guessing from Konami, they are still going to try to make it a sneaking game…

I hope they take the hint and just make it a different IP. Maybe that way they’ll make it work… somehow. But as a Metal Gear? That’s not going to survive. (Mostly because of all the things that happened with Kojima)

Maggot Baits – by Clockup

First of all, I wanted to open this post warning that most of the links on this post will lead to NSFW material, so if you are near familiy or at work I highly recommend not to click on any link, or it might cause some of the people around you too see give you a weird look. But anyway, I think if you know about visual novels and read Clockup on the title, you know what’s this about… Anyway!

During this year Animexpo, which I must add that I kinda regret going last year instead of going this year, there were several different and great announcements, which I’ll talk about during the week. But this was something I never expected at all… Or at least this year.

Clockup announced that they are going to officially release one of the visual novels on the west, which is Maggot Baits. You may remember Clockup for Visual Novels such as Euphoria and Fraternite, so you kinda know what to expect on this release.

As for me, I’m not really much into gore or anything. But, leaving gore and the shock value that makes Clockup reputation stand high, they have really good stories going on, so I’m expecting a great story with some (Well, a lot really) of shock scenes.

Anyway, I thought you might wanted to know about this, and hopefully we’ll get more of their visual novels localized, if this launch is succesful!

Rem If – Rem Side Story

Before you even ask, yes. I’ve once again restarted the site. I don’t know why I keep doing it, for some reason once I leave it alone for too long I don’t feel comfortable any longer and have to start from scratch. I just hope this is the last time I do that, because it’s really tiresome to do it over and over….

Anyway! Today I just wanted to talk about something called “Rem If”, which is basically a side story of Re: Zero writen by the very same author, but which he already said is a “What if Subaru picked Rem instead of Emilia?”

The bad part is that they don’t give full details on how or when they decided to go along with all their plans, but they only use the “We just ran away together” excuse to kinda wrap everything up. It’s a very cute story to be honest, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss, if you like Rem as much as I do!

I just hope I can keep the blog updated this time…. Anyway, see you in other post!

Rem: Isn't she cute? Of course she is!
Isn’t she cute? Of course she is!